Importance of Name Spelling: Why Kids Enjoy Spelling Their Names

How important is it to spell names right? A name spelled wrong prompts you to really feel that that not you. After all there is point of pride when your name especially if difficult I spelled right. Since the first word that children are taught to spell is their own name, and at the age when they are learning their ABCs, kids express this creativity through writing. While it is not necessary to overly emphasize the spelling of all names they may encounter at a young age, teaching them how to spell their own name right is absolutely important. Kids at a young age are bright and eager to express their creativity through righting and drawing. Learning that their name is powerful and that is what everyone around them uses to address them gets them interested in not only how their name sounds but also, how it looks like. Once they near the age of three, they start scribbling and finally with direction learn various letter formations. They then attempt letter grouping and at this stage, teaching them how to spell their name is possible.

Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Learn Name Spelling

Through a Song or Chant

One of the best ways to help children remember is by putting their name is a catchy song related to them and their family. In the song using a catchy tune, the name should be spelled out letter by letter. For example, a song with the line “Once there was this daddy who had a son whose name was Brad, B r a d” will help your kid remember the spelling of their name and pick it up really fast. A chant can also help the kid remember through recitation. Besides, learning how to spell their name will open up the child’s mind to looking at details. They will be more willing to learn more about everything you can tell them! Also, it allows you to spend quality time with them and be involved in their learning process increasing your bond. It also helps increase their attentiveness in learning and picking up new things. Since at this age the child is very impressionable, they mirror their parents’ and siblings’ actions due to the expanded range of attentiveness, repeatability and identifying details.

Through Other Letters Apart From Written Ones

You can help your kids spell out their names by using the computer and letting them press the letters making up their names on the keyboard. You can also use name cards, letter magnets as well as letter shaped pastries such as cookies to make name spelling more fun! There are many creative ways to help your kids learn how to spell their name and therefore capture their interest in advancing in writing, spelling, reading, drawing and painting. However don’t panic or push too hard if they are not picking it up as fast as you would like. It is better for them to learn at their own pace while deriving enjoyment out of the process.